Finance chiefs meet under cloud of Euro-stagnation, Ebola

Stagnation in the eurozone, geopolitical crises, and a menacing health disaster in West Africa confront the world's leading finance officials as they meet in Washington beginning Thursday.

Six years after the financial crisis, the world economy is growing, at a modest 3.3 percent annual pace, and could pick up next year, according to the International Monetary Fund.

But the benefits of that are fragmented, and many pitfalls confront the world's central bankers and finance ministers as they gather at the annual IMF-World Bank meetings.

Thousands march for missing Mexico students

Tens of thousands of people held protests across Mexico, joining tearful families of 43 missing students demanding their return amid fears a police-backed gang executed them.

Parents of the victims traveled from Guerrero, where the students disappeared, to head a march of thousands of people in Mexico City on Wednesday, tearfully holding up pictures of their sons, and signs reading "we want them back alive".

People watched from the sidewalk in tears, holding their fists up and chanting "you are not alone!"

Nuestro cuaderno Ledesma +caña presente en las Olimpíadas Inter-UCA

Ledesma dijo presente en la VIII edición de las Olimpíadas Inter UCA a través de su nuevo concepto en cuadernos: Ledesma +caña. En este evento los protagonistas fueron los centros de estudiantes de australia todas las sedes de la UCA que son los que convocan, seleccionan y coordinan sus respectivos equipos y promueven la participación de los alumnos, docentes y personal de sus respectivas unidades académicas.

Australia's jobless rate edges up to 6.1%

Australia's unemployment rate rose to 6.1 percent in September, official data showed Thursday, as the statistics bureau revised down readings from previous months amid uncertainty over how the figures are calculated.

Some 29,700 jobs were shed from the economy last month as part-time positions fell by 51,300, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said. Just over 21,000 full-time jobs were added.

The seasonally adjusted jobless rate, the highest since July 2003, was broadly forecast by economists.